For Working Women: A Tote You Must Have

May 12, 2017

Calling all Girl bosses, blogger babes, working women, and badass moms!

I know how difficult it is to find a bag that fits everything you need. Before I moved to the city, I hated bags. Well, I really didn’t have a use for them. Now that I am working as a full-time social media content creator and marketing consultant, I am always walking around the city with 99 things in my bag. You’d think I am exaggerating, but I am really not.

Tote You Must Have

I needed a bag that would carry my makeup bag, water bottle, a pair of flats, MacBook, my camera, and my planner. Those are just my necessities. Depending on what meetings I have, there’s a whole lot more that goes in there. So, while Nabeel and I were hunting for bags, we wanted to invest in a bag that was trendy enough for me to carry, but also able to fit everything I needed. After doing lots of hunting, we came across the Logo Shopper East-West Tote Bag from Marc
Jacobs. And ladies, it was the best investment ever. The bag is affordable, trendy and does it’s job of carrying my precious belongings.

 Toteand because Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this would be a perfect gift for moms!

shop the Tote Here

Logo Shopper East-West Tote

Have a wonderful weekend!