Sponsored – Refinery29’s Beauty Shopping Deck: Skincare Regimen

October 18, 2016

Hello Hello!

We’re back at it again with the white va…just kidding… Refinery29’s beauty buying technology! I’ve been a walking talking zombie these days. I swear the dark circles under my eyes are a part of my Halloween costume this year. I seriously needed to find something to get rid of the dark circles and discoloration on my face AND I found something! Today, I’ll be sharing one of my favorite skincare trends inspired by Refinery29’s beauty shopping tool!

The beauty buying tool features 8 different skin-care trends. You just swipe right (kinda like a dating app) on the skincare practices you need and it’ll come back with a list of products that could help you improve your beauty routine! So, essentially, its a super user friendly tool that generates a customized shopping list of skin-care solutions for your needs! What more could a busy woman ask for?



Lately, I’ve been slacking and have not been on my A-game. So, I’ve been searching for some tricks to help me get rid of the dark circles. Typically, I try to drink enough water and get extra amount of sleep, but keeping up with my water intake and sleep is more difficult than it should be these days. I am either a zombie these days or a cross between a zombie and an owl. I’ll let y’all use your imagination. Lol.

I’ve heard that people use various masks and creams to get rid of the dark circles or discoloration on their face before. However, because my skin is very sensitive I can’t really bounce back and forth with different creams or masks. As I was using the beauty buying tool and reading more into the 8 Skin-Care trends, “Complexion Perfectors” stood out. I got inspired to use the color correcting technique to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. Now, I don’t own any color correcting concealers or masks…but I ended up using what was already sitting on my dresser.

Color Correcting Technique inspired by “Complexion Perfector” Trend

What you’ll need


I followed my normal routine of using soap and water to wash my face. While I applied my daily moisturizer, I rubbed red lipstick on my finger tip and dabbed onto my dark circles. This may make you look worse but I promise it gets better! haha!


I used a drop of concealer on my beauty blender and blended out the red pigmentation on my dark circles under the eyes. You may use more depending on how much coverage you may be going for. I don’t enjoy looking like the slice of cake I’ll probably end up eating for lunch. So, a drop of concealer was the perfect amount for me!


Apply some mascara and strut the town being dark circles free!

VOILA! Back from the walking dead!


I hope this awesome tool brings you solutions as well as confidence to match your glowing skin!