Sponsored – My Fav 4 From R29’s Beauty Innovator Awards

November 17, 2017

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of the year again! Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Awards are here! I am super excited to share four of my absolute favorites from the BIA finalists! These products are not only accessible, but they’re also worth adding to your normal everyday routine.

My team & I created a look using my four favs nominees from the Beauty Innovator Awards, and I am going to walk you through my thoughts on each one of them.

My 4 Favorite finalists from Beauty Innovator Awards

I am a sucker for neutral makeup looks, and needless to say we created just that using my favs

Here are 3 of the products we used to create this look! The eyeshadow palette is everything. The shadows are extremely pigmented and I can definitely see myself wearing it often.

For lashes we used this Voluminous Mascara and I kid you not, one coat was enough to give me fuller lashes.

I love wearing matte lipsticks, but Refinery29’s this BIA finalist got me reconsidering my matte go-to. I used the Oh My Gloss to give my lips a glossy look. You can definitely wear it over lipsticks, and it works wonders! Not to mention, my lips stayed on for awhile. Completely smudge proof.

Last but not least, I found my absolutely new favorite to remove makeup! Eye makeup is usually the hardest to take off and very time consuming, but with this BYE BYE MAKEUP cleansing balm, I was able to get all of it in just one wash. So, I highly recommend trying this!

To see more nominees, CLICK HERE

Photography by Farhat Sikder & Makeup by Samina Ahmad




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    1. what is the shade name of the eyeshadow palette? The link directs you to a page to where there are many shadow palettes but what is the specific name of the one pictured here?

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