Sponsored – Refinery29 Music Tracker: How To Get An Inspirational “Bronze Babe” Look

June 10, 2016

Hello Beauties!

Hope you all are enjoying the warmer days and rocking those tan bodies everywhere! My social media feeds are full of all the beautiful faces traveling the world, going to music festivals and enjoying different foods to the fullest! It’s so refreshing to see all the fun posts!

Today, I want to share a very exciting new tool that helps you shop for looks that represent your music mood. I worked with Refinery29 on this post to introduce the Music Tracker for all your summer festivities!

The Music tracker is easy to use and gives you various looks based on whether you’re feeling “Chill”, “Amped Up” or “Lit”.

screenshot-dl.dropboxusercontent.com 2016-06-09 23-31-28

The tool has a little knob that you can move from one mood to the other, and every mood gives you three different looks. For example: My mood has been chill lately, so my suggestions were “sway all day”, “island vibes” and “bronze babe”.

Since I’ve been hitting the pool and getting my tan on, I’ve been in love with the dewy bronze look! Now, sometimes you need an inspiration for the look you might be going for. The Music Tracker not only gives you different looks for each mood, it lets you shop for products to achieve that look!

screenshot-dl.dropboxusercontent.com 2016-06-10 00-01-47

I created my take on the look “Bronze Babe” suggested by the music tracker and I am SO pumped for you to take a look!

Let’s get started


I used gold and bronze tones for this look.

I started with using my favorite facial oil to give my face a natural glow. After using the facial oil, I applied my BB cream in the color beige, using a beauty blender.  Then, I moved onto my eyes.

I used a gold eye shadow to bring out my eyes. I patted the eye shadow on my lids and smudged it with my index finger to apply it evenly over the lids. After the eye shadow was applied evenly, I used two coats of mascara. I have really long lashes already and wanted to keep the look somewhat natural. Therefore, I didn’t use any falsies.


I used my bronzer over my cheek bones and temples to give my face some dimension. I have a small face and contouring doesn’t work for me. Plus, I am ALL for a great yet easy makeup look.


To finish off the look, I applied my highlighter on the cheeks, nose and chin. Also, I added a nude lipstick to pull everything together!


…and that wraps up my take on this “Bronze Babe” look!

Please check out the Music Tracker and find what works for you!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment.