Maryam & Nabeel: Engagement Shoot

April 11, 2016

Engagement Shoot

Hello Sunshines!

I hope everyone is doing great and Happy Monday!

BTW, is it just me or is everyone getting engaged or married this year?! I swear, every time I log onto social media, someone has gotten engaged/married/had a baby/got a new job! So, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone doing wonderful things with their lives (go ahead with ya bad self), and if you’re just impatiently waiting for good to happen in your life – your time will come. Just hold on a little bit longer!

Anyway, Nabeel and I want to thank each and every one of you, who has been praying for us, wishing us well or just simply being happy for us. We are truly blessed to have such amazing families, friends and followers. You all have been so supportive and loving! We are just in awe every time. We hope that you continue to send your prayers and well wishes this way as we continue to plan our wedding (god willing)!

Today, I will be sharing the details of our engagement shoot.  Yes, I will be sharing everything from my hair, makeup, to what I wore, along with the details for Nabeel’s attire as well. Oh! and even our lovely photographer Greg Villarreal!

Lets get started

Engagement Shoot
Nabeel, Maryam, Greg

1. Who is our photographer, Greg Villarreal?

Greg and I met a few years ago (probably 3 years ago), we had done some work together, and everyone adored it. Greg is a very talented human being, he definitely has an eye for things! So full of creativity and it’s amazing to see that creativity through his work. And because of his really outgoing personality, it was always easy and fun to work with him. When Nabeel proposed, I knew exactly who was going to be the photographer for our engagement shoot as well as the wedding! He really takes your ideas into consideration as a photographer, and does his best to make sure the couples are comfortable. If you look through our engagement pictures, it’s all just natural. I am not a fan of forced poses, nor is Nabeel. So Greg was perfect for us! We love him and can’t wait for him to be at the wedding! You can see more of Greg’s work on his IG: @GREGORYVILLARREAL

2. How did we decide on the location for our photo-shoot? 

Nabeel and I met in Atlanta, when he was a student at Georgia Tech. We have this sentiment towards Atlanta, it holds a special place in our heart. I wanted the engagement shoot to be in the city, so I reached out to Greg and we decided that we would do our formal pictures in downtown Atlanta and our casual ones at Georgia Tech. Since Nabeel did his undergrad in Electrical Engineering there, we wanted to get something there too (in front of the EE building)!

Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot

3. Did we have any inspiration for our photo-shoot?

Lol, this is a good one! Okay, so I am a total pinterest junkie. I literally pinterest-ed till I dropped. There were so many cute ideas for the shoot, I wanted to do them all! But, one of my close friends got married the same weekend as our shoot, so we didn’t have time to prep for anything. We slept for maybe 3 hours that night, and literally just rolled out of bed and winged the whole photo-shoot! We were exhausted! All we had was the locations, our clothes, and a great photographer.

Now, lets get to the juicy stuff!

What we wore – Formal Wear:

Engagement Shoot



Hair and Makeup: Myself Headband/Earrings: Francesca’s Dress: Adrianna Papell Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Henna: Uroosa Khan – @hennabyuroosa


Suit: Indochino Shirt: Hugo Boss Shoes: Hugo Boss Bow Tie: Hugo Boss Pocket Square: Burberry

Belt: Lacoste

 Casual Wear:

_H2B8816 copy

_H2B8841 copy


Hair and Makeup: Myself Dress: Asos Shoes: Target


Shirt: AlphaBeta Jeans: Mavi Shoes: Lacoste

I hope you guys enjoy this post! But, before I go…I did do a tutorial on this hairstyle. It’s on my YouTube channel.

Quick & Easy – How To: Engagement Photoshoot Hairstyle

I got so many compliments on it and I just wanted to show you all how easy it was!