Beard & Brunch – Three Seat Espresso

March 20, 2017

Hello Latte Lovers!

Recently, Nabeel & I collaborated with an Australian Barber & Coffee shop called Three Seat Espresso & Barber. Since I’ve moved up to New York, we have been on the hunt to try unique restaurants and coffee shops. We look for three things when trying out new places:  the quality of food, ambiance and staff. And when we came across ThreeSeatEspresso‘s instagram profile, they seemed to have exactly what we were looking for.

We have been wanting to do reviews for our favorite brunch/coffee places for awhile, and this was the perfect opportunity to start. We have decided to call all our reviews the “Beard & Brunch” series. We hope to share our honest reviews about our experiences through these series.

Now, meet Aaron (the owner) & Ash (partner/barista)



Once I got Nabeel on board to try out this place, I reached out to Ash and Aaron (such sweethearts btw) to set up a day for Nabeel to get groomed, and me to get caffeinated.

Golden Latte - Brunch

Experience at Three Seat Espresso & Barber

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Aaron and his lovely barista staff. Aaron offered to make us our lattes, and you already know…I couldn’t say no. Nabeel had the Flat White latte (or as they call it in Australia, coffee), while I tried the Golden Latte. Both of them were delicious! However, I am a little more obsessed with their Golden Latte (the latte consists of turmeric, almond milk and a few other ingredients). I wasn’t only obsessed with their lattes, those neon yellow cups were just gorgeous. I just wanted to take them home!

Flat White & Golden Latte - ThreeSeatEspresso

But Beard & Brunch needs more than lattes. We looked at their menu and both decided on the chicken sandwich. Again, totally impressed.

After we were done with our brunch, Nabeel was introduced to his barber Charles (Chelo).

Chelo The barber

Chelo The Barber - ThreeSeatEspresso

Since Nabeel is super picky about how he wants his beard and hair to be, he was a little nervous going in. Once Charles (Chelo) got started on his hair, I could tell he was a little less nervous. The barber was so thorough with everything he did, from trimming the hair to shaving the beard, to even styling it. For someone who was watching the whole process happen, I was intrigued. The process was so intricate and felt like art.

Chelo & Nabeel - ThreeSeatEspresso

Nabeel was extremely impressed with the results, and to be honest with you…his beard has NEVER looked this clean. That is not an exaggeration. I have to say, this was a win-win situation for the both of us. Nabeel got pampered, and I got to take home a well-groomed husband.

Our experience at Three Seat Espresso was full of laughter, delicious coffee, and food. We adored both Aaron & Ash, and the rest of their staff. Thank you Three Seat Espresso for letting us have this collaboration opportunity. We had such a memorable time since the moment we walked in, to the moment we left.