Beard & Brunch: Cote Korean Steakhouse

November 4, 2017

Sometimes, you just need to take your spouse out for a nice night out on the town. You get extra points for going to eat their favorite cuisine, and a little extra for yourself if it’s infused with something you love. That’s what happened for us when I found Cote for a nice little Beard and Brunch (dinner… It was dinner).
Maryam’s favorite cuisine is, by and large, Korean BBQ. When she’s sad or stressed, once I take her to Korean BBQ, it’s all smiles. I, on the other hand, also love a good quality steak, and most KBBQ places don’t really have the best of meats. So when I heard about the opening of Cote, I had to get there.
The wait was over an hour for us, but the bar serves some delicious snacks (fries are fuego) and they have a cool little dry age room downstairs that you can go look at. Also, the staff is sooooo nice it’s not even funny. Like, the greeter actually checked on us, by name, regularly, and then came to our table to say bye when he was off for the night.

When you sit down, you notice how thoughtfully the lighting is placed in the restaurant, dim lighting, but lamps on the tables so you can actually see the food and menus. There’s no loud music either, so you can actually talk to your date. Crazy, right?!
Anyways, food. We both ordered the Butchers Feast, which is a collection of 4 different steaks (skirt, 45 day dry aged, ribeye, and marinated rib), bunch of banchen, and sides. $45 a person ain’t bad for the quantity, but it’s definitely not a cheap night. Everything about this place is very intentional though.
They have a prescribed order of meats, and they bring the sides out in piecemeal to cleanse your palette and pair with the meat you’re on.

We got to cooking (another crazy thing, they actually let you cook your own food here. It drives me crazy when people don’t let me do my own KBBQ) and… Just… It’s so good. Each of the meats has a distinct flavor, going from meaty to nutty to buttery smooth as you move through the meats. An absolute delight for a meat-lover.
Then, they cap it off with a sherbet for dessert. You probably sense a trend by now though, because that was also fantastic.
Nobody at this place rushed us at all, encouraging us to take our time and enjoy the ambiance. The staff was stellar and the food provides a one-of-a-kind blend of Korean BBQ and high-end steakhouse meats. 10/10 would recommend.