3 Tips to Help Stop Overeating

April 19, 2016

Stop Overeating

I don’t like diets, they’re too restrictive and typically just leave you unhappy. And that’s why they fail. I personally find it much easier to concentrate on what you’re already eating, and work to stop overeating. Granted, even that isn’t easy. We all fall for it, especially when that one favorite food of ours is there.

Stop Overeating

Now, before I get into the tips that I, or some of my friends, use to help avoid over-indulging, I want to make a quick disclaimer… there is no magic pill. If someone says there is, they’re probably lying. Being healthy is a decision you have to make every day (usually multiple times a day. Especially if there’s cake and doughnuts). These tips are just ideas for you to consciously apply to your day-to-day life.

Tips to Stop Overeating

1. Start each meal with a glass of water

Stop Overeating

Before you start any meal, have a glass of water (or two). Most of us don’t drink our prescribed 8 cups a day anyways, but it’ll also help fill your stomach up a little before you start eating. That way, there’s a little less room for you to fill with the endless bread sticks at Olive Garden, and you’re that much more hydrated.

2. If you’re eating out, ask for a box with your meal and put part of it in there before you even start eating (also, I couldn’t find an image for this one, so enjoy this puppy kissing a kitten)

Stop Overeating
Photo from Warren Photographic

I’m one of those people who keeps eating as long as there is food in front of them. I’ll even eat things I don’t like if they’re sitting in front of me, so a tip like this is really important for me. It’s even worse at restaurants because they always give so much food (and when they don’t, I complain that it’s so little for the money… I just can’t be pleased). When you’re at a restaurant and ordering your meal, ask the server to bring a to-go box with your food. Put some of the food in the box and put it to the side/under the table/on an empty chair (some restaurants will even do it for you before bringing the food out). That way, you’re less tempted to eat food that isn’t sitting in front of you.

3. Start with less food and wait a few minutes before getting more

Stop Overeating

If you’re in a positions where  you’re serving yourself, whether it be a family dinner or a buffet out, try starting off with slightly less food than you think you might need (want). After your glass of water, enjoy the food that’s on your plate and then wait about 10-15 minutes before getting seconds. Sometimes it takes a little time for our stomach to tell our brain we’re full, so waiting a little while gives your body time to realize it’s not as hungry as it was when you first started eating. Plus, after about 15 minutes everybody else is done eating and I just feel weird getting more food after that. It’s a win/win.

Like I said before though, these are just tips to help you in your ultimate goal of being healthy, and they won’t mean much without you making the effort to implement them.

I hope this helps!! Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see from us.